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Become the performer you always wanted to be.

Offering top level dance, music and theater classes.

Dance Class

Who are we?

We are an internationally recognized academic entity developed with an advanced innovative program dedicated for the benefit of grading and teaching Arts that focuses mainly on Musical theatre , Acting/dramatics and Dance school . 

Young Modern Dancers

Performing Arts

Performing arts is a portrayal of an individual /group’s creative performance through the visual or audible representation of their distinct skills like Dance, drama or music. Performing arts prepares you to tackle your future competitive industry by molding you in a skill that’s inbuilt within you. 

Child Playing Piano

Music School

At Southside we create a well-rounded performer equipped with industry-relevant skills and knowledge. Our course attracts several aspiring singers and performers. We assess the entire process of musical theatre starting from the early stages to all the way up to a professional standard.

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Dance is our language and we communicate through our movements. At Southside we provide you with a fantastic learning environment that makes any beginner feel comfortable and confident.


Our professionally trained dance instructors are very empathetic with the learner’s mindset and teach and motivate a student in a way that they feel encouraged to dance more with zero hesitation.


Learn styles starting from Hip hop, Street style, Popping, Jazz, Breaking, Locking, House till Heels.


Get to choose your own training sessions and choreography and climb more stages with us! 


Our Programs

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Kids in the Museum


AGE (3-4)

Afro American Kid


AGE (5-10)

Dance Class


AGE (11-18)

Enjoying Dance Class


AGE (18+)


Southside Performing Arts Center


SPR City, New Farrance Road, Perambur, Chennai- 600012


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