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Playful Child


At Southside Performimg Arts School

Musical Theatre has been specifically created to give teachers the creative freedom to build a bespoke curriculum around their own teaching styles and existing programme.

Kindergarten Show

Music School

  • Dance

  • Drama

  • Singing

Gentle introduction into all the disciplines of dance, drama and song through carefully prepared lessons, focusing on concentration, coordination and confidence. 

Kids Dancing

Musical theatre

Enroll your child with Our musical theatre training and watch your kid grow into a diva!

We encourage the children to learn at their own comfort and make sure they learn in the easiest and most interesting manner.

We conduct musical contests to motivate the students to participate more and come out more confidently. 

Boy Playing Trombone

Dance School

We encourage to predominantly train your talented young ones with the best possible teaching team. From the basics, the student learns a Step by step instructions with a fun-filled learning experience.


This way it helps them to enjoy the learning process and learn to appreciate the welfare of dance as a whole from a very young age. 

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